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Introducing MULTI VISION – BY UV-SONIC – RGB VISION: The Game-Changer for Textile Yarn Spinning Mills!

Say Goodbye to Color Contamination: With MULTI VISION, you’re getting the ultimate solution for removing color impurities like never before. Whether it’s stubborn white PP, pesky transparent bits, or intrusive jute materials infiltrating your precious cotton, we’ve got you covered.

Sensing Technology at its Finest: Powered by state-of-the-art sensing technology, MULTI VISION employs high-resolution RGB line scan cameras to detect and eliminate color contamination with surgical precision. Say hello to cleaner, purer yarn production with every spin.

Digital Wizardry for Light Color Removal: Thanks to advanced digital image processing technology, light color removal becomes a breeze. MULTI VISION effortlessly identifies and eradicates those subtle hues that can compromise the integrity of your yarn, ensuring consistently high-quality output.

UV Power for Precision: Equipped with high-resolution UV cameras, MULTI VISION goes beyond the visible spectrum to tackle a range of impurities. From bright to dull to non-glowing offenders like polypropylene and white paper, consider them gone with the flick of a switch.

Ultra Sonic, Ultra Effective: Banish high-density impurities with ease, courtesy of our cutting-edge ultrasonic technology. MULTI VISION delivers unparalleled performance, ensuring that even the most stubborn contaminants are swiftly and thoroughly removed from the equation.

Tailored Display for Maximum Clarity: MULTI VISION doesn’t just detect impurities; it showcases them with clarity. With individual display systems for white polypropylene and color contamination, you’ll have full visibility into the cleaning process, empowering you to maintain peak efficiency at all times.

Lighting the Way to Perfection: Featuring UV tube lights for white poly removal and bright white tube lights for color removal, MULTI VISION leaves no stone unturned in its quest for flawless yarn production. Illuminate your path to excellence with confidence, knowing that every thread is as pristine as can be.

Upgrade your spinning mill operations with MULTI VISION – BY UV-SONIC – RGB VISION, and experience a new standard of purity and efficiency in textile yarn production.


Technical Features

  • The Very Effective way of removing color,
  • White PP, Transparent,
  • Jute Materials from cotton.
  • Sensing Technology
  • High Resolution RGB Line Scan Camera to remove color Contamination
  • Digital image processing technology for light color removal.
  • High Resolution UV Cameras for removing bright, Dull & Non-glowing polypropylene, white paper, Etc..
  • Ultra sonic technology to remove high density impurities
  • Individual display system for white polypropylene and color contamination
  • UV tube lights used for white poly removal
  • Bright white tube lights for color removal