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IFocus Cop Colour Sorter


Dive into the world of advanced textile sorting with the revolutionary IFocus Cop Colour Sorter, your ultimate solution for precise and efficient cop sorting. This cutting-edge machine is designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern textile industries, combining state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features. Let’s explore the core aspects of this innovative sorter under various headings:

Unmatched Precision and Customization

Programmable Colour Sorting: The IFocus Cop Colour Sorter stands out with its ability to segregate cops based on pre-programmed colours, offering a standard setup for two colours. Tailoring to specific requirements, it provides the flexibility to further enhance colour separation as per customer needs, ensuring every textile unit can achieve its desired sorting criteria.

Automated Efficiency

Segregation and Collection: Experience seamless sorting as the machine automatically distinguishes between half and full cops, alongside segregating unprogrammed ones. This meticulous separation ensures organized collection, boosting productivity and reducing manual sorting efforts.

Intelligent Alignment and Collection: The sorter’s advanced alignment feature ensures that the tops and bottoms of cops are perfectly aligned before collection, streamlining the sorting process. With programmable bin capacity, adapt the system to your operational volume for optimized efficiency.

User-Friendly Operation

Ease of Scanning: Scanning different coloured cops is a breeze, thanks to the sorter’s user-friendly interface. This feature, along with colour-indicating lamps, makes monitoring and adjusting the sorting process straightforward, even for new operators.

Technological Excellence

Cutting-Edge Sony Cameras: At the forefront of the IFocus Cop Colour Sorter’s technology are the high-tech Sony cameras from Japan, specially incorporated for their reliability and precision in scanning. These cameras ensure that each cop is accurately sorted, maintaining the highest standards of quality control.

Speed and Performance

High Sorting Speed: Keep up with the demands of fast-paced production environments with a sorting speed of 50 to 55 empty cops per minute. This efficiency is a testament to the machine’s design, aimed at maximizing throughput without compromising on accuracy.

Power and Compatibility: Designed for global use, the IFocus Cop Colour Sorter operates on a 230V / 50 Hz single-phase power supply, making it a versatile choice for textile industries worldwide.

In summary, the IFocus Cop Colour Sorter is not just a machine; it’s a transformative tool for textile manufacturers aiming to enhance sorting precision, efficiency, and productivity. Embrace the future of textile processing with this unparalleled solution, where technology meets practicality.


Technical Features

  • Cops are separated based on the programmed colour (Standard 2 Colour) further colour separation can
  • Be done according to customers requirement.
  • Separated half cops and full cops are segregated automatically.
  • Half cops & un programmed cops are collected separately.
  • Top & Bottom of the cops are aligned and collected in the bin.
  • Number of cops in the bin can be programmed.
  • Filled bins are ejected out automatically.
  • Scanning of different coloured cops is very user friendly.
  • Indication lamps are provided for different colours
  • We are using new technology Sony cameras from Japan for scanning the cops.
  • Sorting speed of empty cops will be 50 to 55 nos per minute.
  • 230V / 50 Hz single phase