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PIV Gear Box Conversion

Citytex PIV Gear Box Conversion Removing the PIV Gear Box of Trützschler  Blowroom. Replacing with motor timing belt […]


Blowroom Photocell

Citytex Blowroom photocell. Suitable for all make and model Blowroom Machines. Suitable for ERM Suitable for Hopper Feeder. […]


Length Counters

Citytex make Length Counters Suitable for all make and model Blowroom, Carding and reeling Machines. Measure the length […]


Multifunction Counters

Citytex make Multifunction Counters. Suitable for Blowroom, Carding, Draw Frames, Comber, Simplex, Ribbon Lap and sliver lap machines. […]


Photocell Sensors for Chutefeed

Citytex make Photocell Sensors for Chutefeed. On/Off delay photocell unit with Transmitter and Receiver. Controls the level of […]


Doffer Drive Conversion

Citytex make Doffer Drive Conversion for carding machines. AC Drive with motor for doffer drive conversion. Doffer RPM […]


Flat Moving Controller

Citytex Make Flat Moving Controllers for Carding Machines. Sensor with control unit. Suitable for all makes and model […]


Lickerin Speed Governor

Citytex make Lickerin Speed Governor. Sensor with control unit Suitable for all makes of carding machines Avoid Choking […]


Carding Sliver Cut Photocell

Citytex Make Carding Sliver Cut Photocell. Sliver Cut Photocell suitable for Carding Machine C-1/2, C-1/3, LC-300 and LC-300A. […]


Double Lap stop Motion

Citytex make Double Lap Stop Motion. Double lap stop motion – Two Sensors with Control Units. Stop the […]


Digital Hank Meters

Citytex Make Digital Hank Meters for Spinning and Simplex Machines. Digital Hank Meters for Ring Spinning and Simplex […]

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